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Brand: CAN-AM
Cea mai bună alegere pentru cele mai dure condițiiSpumă filtrantă cu ulei în mai multe straturi pentru o capacitate superioară de reținere a prafului cu un flux de aer ridicatLavabil și reutilizabil ..
116,62€ 123,11€
Fără TVA:98,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
Destinat modelelor cu diferential Smart-LokPermite instalarea modului de pilotaj ”Trail Activ”Este destinate stilului de pilotaj agresiv, oferă precizie sporită la virajeCod produs 715005284
Fără TVA:166,43€
Brand: CAN-AM
· High-performance design ideal for off-road use, with superior protection in any riding usage. · Includes CVs, shaft and boots with the best suited geometry for your Can-Am vehicle. · Required to install the Smart-Lok Differential Kit...
279,65€ 288,28€
Fără TVA:235,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
Can-Am-exclusive Smart-Lok technology constitutes a true fully lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically controlled automatic modes. · Choose your differential settings according to your riding need: “2x4” for rear wheel traction only, “4x4 Front Diff Lock” for a fully locked 4 w..
1.645,77€ 1.828,80€
Fără TVA:1.383,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
· The shift plate is made from durable stainless steel and bolts into place for a secure fit. · The kit comes with a billet aluminum Lonestar Racing shift knob. · Offers improved durability for the performance-oriented driver...
166,60€ 178,23€
Fără TVA:140,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
Lonestar Racing Quick-Release Clutch Cover PinsThis kit will allow you to take off your clutch cover in seconds to access the belt tool-lessly. Includes 4 stainless steel "quick-release" pins with clips and tethers. Replaces all clutch cover screws. This product affects the clutch cov..
117,81€ 127,43€
Fără TVA:99,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
Increases the magneto output to 850 WIncludes rotor, stator and regulator..
752,08€ 833,57€
Fără TVA:632,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
Pre-filter specifically for snorkelsAdds extra protection to your engine in harsh riding conditionsHelps keep air filter cleanerFilter blocks particles larger than 0.005" (0.13 mm)Necessary to maintain vehicle warranty when tracks are installed..
130,90€ 138,04€
Fără TVA:110,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
Relocates stock radiator to rear of cageProtects it from debris and rocksPrevents cooling performance loss in muddy conditionsReduces hot air in the cabinEasy to clean.Includes support hardware and hosesNot compatible with any bed accessories, Rear Cage mounted accessories, Complete MTX Audio syste..
1.368,50€ 1.492,12€
Fără TVA:1.150,00€
Brand: CAN-AM
Suprafață mai mare decât cea a pedalei standardÎmbunătățește ergonomia și controlul în condiții de teren stâncosCod produs 715004901..
63,07€ 66,27€
Fără TVA:53,00€
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