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Kit diferential Smart-Lok

Kit diferential Smart-Lok
Kit diferential Smart-Lok
Fără TVA: 1.441,19€
  • Model: 705402371

Compatibil Maverick (SSP), Maverick MAX (SSP), Traxter, Traxter MAX, Maverick Trail, Maverick Sport, Maverick Sport MAX

Cod produs 705402371

Can-Am-exclusive Smart-Lok™ technology constitutes a true fully lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically-controlled automatic modes. Choose your differential settings according to your riding need: "2x4" for rear wheel traction only, "4x4 Front Diff Lock" for a fully locked 4 wheel drive, and "4x4 Smart Mode" that offers preset, intelligent calibrations for your type of riding. Using multiple input sources, "Smart Mode” will instantaneously engage locking with the right load at the right moment to procure maximum traction while retaining low-speed maneuverability, allowing for optimal placement and a feeling of confidence. The Smart-Lok™ Differential Kit comes standard with the Trail Mode. Mud, Rock and Trail Activ modes can be added by installing an additional Smart Mode Module (sold separately) to fine-tune your riding environment. Requires Performance Half Shafts (2x) and Smart-Lok™ Installation Kit for installation.

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